oysterchicken (oysterchicken) wrote,

IT Snowed!!!!!!!
i was so happy..~~~~
i went out on the streets making snow man, writing on cars and also snow fighting with my frind who stayed over... it was 1 am in the morning but it was fun ^^

and i went to watch ocean's 13.... a scary guy asked me to sit with him... then i just laughed and ran away but he followed me and sat on my row... 
i was shit scared.... and it's in South africa.... during the whole movie i  was scared =-=;;;

anyway... how is everyone??
it's exams next week for me but i'm watching movies and anime instead of studying... T^T i hate myself but wat can u do ...ㅠㅠ
I'm gonna try my best to focus today +_+... (<- hey then wat are u doing on the computer  ㅜ■ㅜ)
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